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Six small slick seals.
Six small slick seals.
Six small slick seals.

Sherman shops at cheap chop suey shops.

Sheila seldom sells shelled shrimps.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Selfish sharks sell shut shellfish.

Seth's sharp spacesuit shrank.

Mrs. Smith's Fish Sauce Shop.

Is Sherry's shortcake shop shut?
Is Shelly's shortstop shop shut?

Six crisp snacks.
Six crisp snacks.
Six crisp snacks.

She sells Swiss sweets.

Slick silk.
Slick silk.
Slick silk.

Does this shop stock shot silk shorts?
If she stops at the shop where I stop,
And if she shops at the shop where I shop,
Then I shan't stop to shop at the shop
Where she stops to shop.

Susie's shirt shop sells preshrunk shirts.

Sharon sews shocking shirts for soldiers.

The sad soldier should shoot soon.

Sharpshooters should shoot slowly.

Soldiers' shoulders shudder when shrill shells shriek.

Should six shaking soldiers share the shattered shield?

The short soldier shoots straight.

Sixty-six sick six-shooters.

Stagecoach stops.
Stagecoach stops.
Stagecoach stops.

Strange strategic statistics
Strange strategic statistics
Strange strategic statistics

"Shoot, Sally!" shouted Slim Sam.

No shipshape ships shop stocks shop-soiled shirts.

"Sure, the ship's ship-shape, sir!"

Shallow sailing ships should shun shallow shoals.

The shallow ship showed signs of sinking.

Sixty-four swift sloops swing shorewards.

The sea ceaseth seething.
The sea ceaseth seething.
The sea ceaseth seething.

How many slim slimy snakes would slither silently to the sea if slim slimy snakes could slither silently?

Of all the smells I ever smelt,
f I never smelt a smell that smelt
Like that smell I smelt smelled.

A selfish shellfish smelt a stale fish.
If the stale fish was a smelt,
Then the selfish shellfish smelt a smelt.

Should a shad, shelling shrimps for a shark,
Cease to shuck the shamed shrimps, who remark,
"Serve us not without dressing! 'Tis really distressing!"
Or should he just shuck the shrimps in the dark?

No shark shares swordfish steak.

Swim Sam, swim,
Show them you're a swimmer!
Six sharp sharks seek small snacks,
So swim, Sam, swim!

Swan swam over the sea;
Swim, Swan, swim!
Swan swam back again;
Well swum, Swan!

Shy Sheep Some say shy shippers ship shy sheep.

Six shy shavers sheared six shy sheep

Shameless shepherds shampoo shy sheep.

The sixth sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

Shorn Sheep Six sick shorn sheep.

Shorn sheep shouldn't sleep in a shack. Shorn sheep should sleep in a shed.

The shady shoe shop shows sharp sharkskin shoes.

Sharp sharkskin shoes.
Sharp sharkskin shoes.
Sharp sharkskin shoes.

Sooty Sukey
Shook some soot
From sister Susie's
Sooty shoes.

The shrewd shrew's suede shoes.

Sid's shabby silver shoes still shine.

Showy sashes in a shut sash shop.

Such a shapeless sash!
Such a shapeless sash!
Such a shapeless sash!

Shoes and socks shock Susan.

The suitor wore shorts and a short shooting suit to a short shoot.
But the shorts didn't suit the short shooting suit,
And at the short shoot the short shooting suit didn't suit.
Oh, shoot!

Sally Swim saw Sadie Slee
Slowly, sadly swinging.
"She seems sorrowful," said she.
So she started singing.
Sadie smiled, soon swiftly swung;
Sitting straight, steered swiftly.
"See," said Sally, "something sung
Scatters sunshine swiftly!"

I went into my garden to slay snails.
I saw my little sister slaying snails.
I said, "Hello, my little sister, are you slaying snails?
If you slay snails, please slay small snails"

Surely the sun shall shine soon.

Some shun summer sunshine.

Shirley Simms shrewdly shuns sunshine and sleet.

The sun shines on the shop signs.

Sloppy shortstops.
Sloppy shortstops.
Sloppy shortstops.

Shabby soldiers shovel soft snow slowly.

Sneaky thieves seized the skis.

Slick Ski Slopes Sloppy skiers slide on slick ski slopes.

Sick cattle slip on slick ski slopes.

If he slipped, should she slip?

Sleepy Joe of snowy Stowe
Slid swiftly into action.
Aboard his sled
Away he sped,
He's sleeping now, in traction.

Through rifts in the lofts,
The soft snow sifts.
Then the white sheet lifts
And the wind packs drifts.

"Go, my son, and shut the shutter,"
This I heard a mother mutter.
"Shutter's shut," the boy did mutter,
"I can't shut'er any shutter."

Should she shut summer shutters slowly or should she shut summer shutters swiftly?

The old school scold
Sold the school coal scuttle;
If the old school scold sold
The school coal scuttle,
The school should scold And
scuttle the old school scold.

I had an old saw, And I bought a new saw.
I took the handle off the old saw
And put it on the new saw.
And of all the saws I ever saw,
I never saw a saw saw
Like that new saw sawed.

Scams, stings and skulduggery.
Scams, stings and skulduggery.
Scams, stings and skulduggery.

Mr. See and Mr. Soar were old friends.
See owned a saw and Soar owned a seesaw.
Now See's saw sawed
Soar's seesaw before Soar saw
See, which made Soar sore.
Had Soar seen See's saw before
See saw Roar's seesaw, then
See's saw would not have sawed Roar's seesaw.
But See saw Roar's seesaw before
Soar saw See's saw so See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.
It was a shame to let See see Soar so sore because
See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.

Down the slippery slide they slid Sitting slightly sideways; Slipping swiftly, see them skid On holidays and Fridays.

Sixty-six sticky skeletons. Sixty-six sticky skeletons. Sixty-six sticky skeletons.

Amidst the mists and coldest frosts
With barest wrists and stoutest boasts
He thrusts his fists against the posts
And still insists he sees the ghosts.

A ghost's sheets would soon shrink in such suds.

She shrieks as she stitches sheets.

She shall sew a slit sheet shut.

The sly sheet slasher slashed sheets.

Should she sell sheer sheets or should she sell shaggy shawls?

Shawn shaves a short cedar shingle thin.

Should Shawn shave a short thin single cedar shingle thin or shave a short thin single cedar shingle thinner?

Shave six short saplings.

Shouldn't sweet-scented shaving soap soothe sore skin?

Sometimes Sheila thinks such soft thoughts.

I snuff shop snuff. Do you snuff shop snuff?

Seven sleek sleepless sleepersseek sleep.

The slightly sloping shed slips.

The shaky shed sheds sheets of shale.

Does Steve still strew straw in the still straw stall?

If silly Sally will shilly-shally, shall silly Willy willy-nilly shilly-shally too?

A skunk sat on a stump;
The skunk thunk the stump stunk,
But the stump thunk the skunk stunk.

Tongue Twisters
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