Tongue Twisters
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Higgledy Piggedly! Higgledy-Piggedly! Higgledy Piggedly!

Horrible Heidi hears hairy Horace holler.

Heed the head henpecker!

High roller.
Low roller.
Lower a roller.
The hare's ear heard ere the hare heeded.

How much hair could a hairnet net, If a hairnet could net hair?

Harry Hunt hunts heavy hairy hares.
Does Harry Hunt hunt heavy hairy hares?
If Harry Hunt hunts heavy hairy hares,
Where are the heavy hairy hares Harry Hunt hunts?

Hurry, Harry! Hurry, Harry! Hurry, Harry!

"Hello, Harry Healy!" hollered Holly Hartley.

If a Hottentot taught
A Hottentot tot,
To talk ere the tot could totter,
Ought the Hottentot tot
Be taught to say "ought,"
Or what ought to be taught her?
If to hoot and to toot
A Hottentot tot
Was taught by a Hottentot tutor,
Should the tutor get hot
If the Hottentot tot
Hoots and toots
At the Hottentot tutor?

In Huron, a hewer, Hugh Hughes,
Hewed yews of unusual hues.
Hugh Hughes used blue yews
To build sheds for new ewes;
So his new ewes blue-hued ewe-sheds use.

How hollow Helen Hull hobbles on hills!

Hiccup teacup!
Hiccup teacup!
Hiccup teacup!

A haddock! A haddock!
A black-spotted haddock!
A black spot
On the black back
Of a black-spotted haddock!

Tongue Twisters
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